The Wagon House
The Wagon House
Fill up your bottles at The Wagon House, our milk vending shed, at Attisham Farm just off the B3164 on the road to Pilsdon.


From Beaminster

The Wagon House Dorset Milk Vending Machine

It's a right turn

The Wagon House Dorset Milk Vending Machine

It's a left turn

From Axminster

  • What a amazing place – the girls were happy with their milkshakes, I was happy with the cheese…and Mr B was extremely happy with his DIY burger- hidden gem

    Jen J. 05 Jun 2021

    Yummy! We loved using the milkshake vending machine 🐮

    Hayley S. 02 Jun 2021
  • Lovely place with lots of yummy things on offer! Loved the black cherry milkshake- will have to make sure I visit to try the other specials! 😍 I had to get my own Bella too! ♥️

    Karen F. 30 May 2021

    The cutest vending machine hut I’ve seen! It’s so well thought out, the care and love that’s gone into the details of the set up really shows. Full of beautiful fresh, British produce and even little treats to purchase for your dogs. The milk tastes amazing and the milkshakes didn’t… read more

    Yasmin M. 23 May 2021
  • So yum! Will 100% be back regularly!

    Vicki D. 15 May 2021

    ******COMING SOON!****** A newly developed small family run business, producing quality, fresh, pasteurised whole milk, sourced directly on site from their lovely herd of British Holstein cows. Their farm fresh milk is produced with ‘local people in mind’, and is soon to be sold via their new vending machine site… read more

    Susan K. 07 May 2021
  • This product is by far in a league of its own, very well established multi generation family run business,very locally sourced (on site) and is a product that is produced by people who are at the top of their game ! Great tasting milk that’s locally made that tastes much… read more

    Phillip B. 23 Feb 2021